At the two (expensive) exhibitions we have so far attended, we asked customers for some feedback, by leaving out in the open clipboards on the stand, that they might (without being seen) leave us any comments.

At the Bristol show 2006, Feb 23-25th, we returned with something more valuable than gold (having waited in vain over 3 years for a magazine to agree to do a proper review) we asked people that had obviously seen the whole demo of about 5 different tracks and heard about the s.u.h.t.l. explanation, and seen the demo of the equalizer in the demo - to have a go at our show feedback form.

Extract from forms..

click to  see amazing comments / endorsements from audiophiles and trade dealers

we returned with 18 forms, and each has it's own story, form the sheets you can tell that collectively these guys were an experienced bunch of careful listeners, with a show experience of hundreds, and hundreds more hifi years between them. We very much appreciate you comments, and permission to let others know.. Below are quotes and scores, click to see the scanned document

We asked for points marking in 6 key features, marked on a scale 1= worst you ever heard, 10 best ever heard/seen - the categories were;

1.Vocals and natural instruments sounding 'live in the room'

2.Separation & detail of instruments during complex music


4.Practicality and adaptability, for different rooms / equipment / tome-tast

5.Innovation (S.U.H.T.L. and equalizer combination)

6.Value for money

hover over each A4 sheet to see the marks awarded,

 or click them to read the canned handwriting

9,8,3,5,8,- “long live the acoustic labyrinth”9/10 8 8 8 9 9 9 rock listener 12 exhibitions 9,9,3,8,8,- rock/jazz seasoned listener 9,10,8,9,10,9- 10 shows and a lot of experience

5,4,10,10,5 seen over 50 exhibitions wants softer sound, saw last years stand (mistake bypassing eq completelyt ruined fidelity during marking) 4,5,6,6,8,5, again EQ was out/bypassed, so not a realistic demo, again came back this year for nearly an hour 9,8,5,10,10,10 experienced show-goer, who just popped in by chance at the show for the day 9,9,8,9,8,9 mature audiophile and Dealer 0,0,0,0,0,0 competitor who was recognised sneaking in and filling out this form without hearing the demo, also didnt bother reading the scale was from 1 (this was the only  bad comment and it was clear attempt at sabotage from a coward who was seen creeping out wearing a trade badge-ta anyway!))

8,8,9,9,8,10  8,7,8,9,8,8 young punk rocker from Loughborough 8,8,8,8,8,8 trade pro-installer of the very best stuff, after the demo 10/10 actually owns linn isobarric system and knows everything about hifi - his mates at the bar thought it (6*9 TL) a joke and unlike him, didnt come for a listen (this chap was 9,9,9,9,9,9 9,8,8,9,9,7 eclectic experienced show-goer,  very impressed

8,8,8,10,8,10 seasoned/experienced audiophile very impressed with the demo 8,8,(5),9,9,8 mature show-goer 6,6,6,6,6,6 seasoned classical show-goer

These were all the surveys written freely by visitors. Not one of them were a customer/dealer or had ever met me before personally, and i had absolutely no business connection or influence on.

If you consider the daring-ness of the questions - any other exhibitor leaving these clipboards lying around and asking for any bad or good comments - would have got slaughtered on most of the fidelity questions? We absolutely knew before the show that we were, by miles the best fidelity and imaging, so had the gall to ask endorsement and confirmation of exactly that.

It would be nice if we could have a proper shoot-out with so-called worlds best products, but remeber that all the surveys collected are published above from seasoned show-goers who had just been along the same corridor (click for map) listening to the best European offerings in 2-channel loudspeakers at the UK's biggest show. We even got endorsement from competitors, dealers and the most seasoned audiophiles around.

Don't  forget to visit the Bristol  Show Page, where these came from, the forum, and last years show / comments page



Below are the forms from Heathrow, April 2006





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