Bristol Show 05

At the Bristol Show 2005 (Biggest UK Hifi show and a major European one) , we decided to take 6 pairs of resolution loudspeakers, to demonstrate the superiority and availability of our product to the trade, press and public.

From the first hour, our stand (215) was clogged with enthusiasts from all over the world, we had a queue going frrom the coridoor to the meagre 7 seats right up until Sunday evening close, it was fantastic.

Enthusiasts travelled for hours having seen the national publicity in February in the top magazines to hear our product perform.

with simple budget cd and amp, we played everyththing from Bach organ recital (toccata) to Thin Lizzy and Mariah Carey with tremendous shock factor in the room. several people told us the resolution was the only loudspeaker in the show that didnt have a boomy bass, others that it was by a leap the most natural sounding (and this was after they had seen the whole show and returned to praise it).

An ex-'Hi-fi world' reviewer told us after the show he had sneaked in when we were talking to customers and heard the resolutions, and he patted us on the back saying well done as he explained he had heard nothing better even since the tannoy dual concentrics some decades ago.

We also had HI-fi choice and Hifi plus top reviewer 'very impressed' that the resolution was breaking all the rules to deliver a top TL, particularly he said as it was nigh on impossible to get a seat the room was so packed all the time! we arranged a demo pair for him to review, but sadly a reviewer is unable to review them until instructed by the magazines who pay him, which should be easier now we are an established company with a reputable world -beating product that is causing massive interest. Later on the magazine reported they had had to come and visit our stand because they were getting regularly told downstairs on their own stall how amazing the resolution's were, from dozens of the public!

Dozens of people supported our clams by making fantastic comments on our feedback forms and CD giveaway sheets. we want to thank everyone for spending time and coming, we hhope you will be telling your freinds as we need as many orders and site visitors as possible to convince the reluctant mainstream press to review and take seriously our demonstrated world beating imaging, fidelity and detailed reproduction.

we have several amazing comments scored out of 10 for imaging, etc


most of our orders from the show came from valve amp enthusiast, but we also had very keen interest from hi-fi choice and TNT online and who wrote commending articles next issue.SoundandVision


We will certainly be doing more shows even though the Bristol one is an expensive affair for a small company, it is obvious that hearing the resolution is believing the resolution!


Thanks to everyone at the show, and we will see you soon at the 2006 show, feb 23-25th (see us on their website under public area, new products, resolution....)

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