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Photo Shoot 2004
Add style to a room without taking it over
light reflected from around is gorgeous due to the high gloss finished sides
Now minimalist and classical finshed Classical style is unique and subtly extravagant
Gloss black available Spring 2005
from below the resolution is massive at 26kg
there is nothing like this in the world
Resolution installed with Naim 102 system and resolution tone controls for Mr. Pugh of Pencoed, Cardiff
deep gloss burled mahogany and solid brass feet
hand built hand finished extra quality
Naim 102 stack with Resolution tone controls
Resolution miniature tone control unit
digital equalizers on test
wood floors are catered for by rubber foot pads
depth = length (8 foot pipe inside)
now that's real mahogany (not imitation) and going to last for a lifetime
the only loudspeaker in the world like this, and it's bi-wired with 24k gold plated terminals
mirror finish tweeter, polished metalised woofer, amazing effects with light and of course, sound
only mahogany will stand the test of time and  give the required strength with beauty
home loan run on 47 labs amp and digital equalizer 2005
47 labs amp with resolution's and digital equalizer
gloss black for shadow audio consultants
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