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We aim to manufacture and sell the loudspeakers throughout the UK and abroad, assisted by favourable reviews and reccomendations from owners. Later we hope to expand and globalize, possibly further optimising the product or offering smaller / larger versions for people that need a lower loudspeaker, or people that want more than 240 watts. Other products may include patented designs which will be announced later - in house now. .

The company's strength is product that is so good, it will sell itself. Also the company is not reliant upon fleeting stlyes, fashion, or expensive developments to make minor improvements, neither is there a parasitic cost of management as the strategy is to build to order with limited stock, and avoid a wide and expensive number of products, departments and investors.


Mission Statement
Resolution loudspeakers are certainly the world's best loudspeakers and as a company, we are proud to be able to manufacture and offer this outstanding product to the UK public, and the world.

 Such a loudspeaker will benefit anyone who enjoys music, or listens carefully to live or recorded performances. Not only is it a great leap forward for listeners, but also for artists - who will be able to make more complex recordings and be more confident their compositions are reproduced closer to their own experience recording them.


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